Fusion Bomb

“Oh no, not another Thrash-revival band that missed the height of that trend in the mid-2000s and now tries to sell their half-assedly chugged riffs and corny lyrics about exuberant pizza and beer consumption.” If that is your reaction to a lot of new releases in that genre, we’re on the same page. In 2010 the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg produced a quartet willing to change all the things that made Thrash Metal irrelevant, albeit standing in for the greatness of circle pits, virtuous musicianship and skull-cracking groove: they go by the name of Fusion Bomb.

Starting out as classic Thrashers, Fusion Bomb put out a proper ’86-like debut with their highly acclaimed Concrete Jungle in 2019. Constantly concerned with the evolution of their favorite genre, the band’s upcoming 2021 full-length is going to tie in with the more boundary-pushing and experimental features of 90s Thrash, that was never given the chance to fully develop due to the rapid surge of Grunge at that time. Thus finally paying true justice to their own band name, Fusion Bomb mix relentless Thrash riffing with influences reaching from 70s Disco music and Jazz-Fusion to Death Metal. So be prepared for the truly new face of Thrash Metal.


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Band members: Miguel Teixeira Sousa (guitar and vocals), Luc „Lanthanoid Lazer-Dazer“ Bohr (guitar), Michel „Nippel“ Remy (bass and vocals) and Scott Kutting (drums)