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Workshop Nico Guedes

Feeling the Drums, feeling the groove is the ?rst I do when I sit on a drumset.  Afterwords, I feel the Music, try to understand “what is it asking for”, I work to  enrich it, and that is the most important thing for me.
Because of this approach to Music and Drumming, I feel that  “technique”,  or the  “number of beats per second”  are not the important part of drumming.
“What rudiments to use?”  is not the main question for me, but  “What does this  song need from me?”  Is the role of a drummer in a band.
So, in this Workshop, I'm going to talk about  Drum Sound  and its importance in a  song, or a Live Show.
I will also share my know-how in  Blues Grooves,  and show how my personal  approach to Blues, Rock, and Funk come from the same place.
I will talk about the meaning of our  “Inner Sound”,  and how to express it while  beating drums and cymbals with sticks!

And I will give some tips for  choosing  and  tunning the right drums for the job!  

Registration for the workshop is by e-mail to the address: culturel[at]differdange.lu