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Workshop Doug McLeod

The guitar workshop is for intermediate students.  But students of all levels and even non guitar players/non musicians are welcome.

The duration of the workshop is scheduled for 2 hours, but usually last a little longer.

The optimum number of students is between 10 and 15.
Registration for the workshop is by e-mail to the address: culturel[at]differdange.lu

Doug MacLeod, a prolific singer, songwriter, engaging storyteller, and masterful guitarist was born in the blues and is rooted in the American tradition. MacLeod is a perennial Blues Music Award nominee and multiple Blues Music Award winner. He recently won the 2018 Blues Music Award for Acoustic Album Of The Year ‘Break The Chain’ and the 2017 Blues Music Award for Acoustic Artist Of The Year.

 He is one of the last true bluesmen who learned from the old masters. His songs have been recorded by blues giants like Albert Collins and Albert King. Bill Dahl of Living Blues says, “Cross and extraordinary acoustic blues guitarist with a savvy singer-songwriter and you’ve got Doug MacLeod.” Delta blues legend David Honeyboy Edwards declared, “Doug MacLeod, now there’s a man who can really play the blues.”

The first half of the workshop Doug will focus on slide playing in open D tuning. The second half will be featuring Doug’s unique tuning he calls ‘Too Many D’s’.

The emphasis will be on slide technique, how to build a solo, and Doug’s unique way of simplifying the guitar’s fingerboard. He likes to say that he teaches tools not licks so the student can find his own musical voice and the feeling that lives behind the notes.

After a workshop with Doug MacLeod the student comes away with not only a whole new batch of tools, but with an insight to the music. and its philosophy that could only be learned by a man who had been there.

Plus, the students have fun. With his stories and sense of humor the students come to find that Doug is an engaging teacher as he is a performer.