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Vitor Bacalhau
support act : Thunder Road

After a couple of years of touring with his debut album Brand New Dawn, Vítor Bacalhau is now releasing Cosmic Attraction. The new album was recorded live, with few overdubs, at Mobydick Records Studio in Braga, with no click track or headphones,to capture all the energy of this Rock/Blues Power Trio. For the first time in his career Vítor has shared writing credits with a few friends and musicians he really looks up to. Who Do You Think You’re Fooling was written in the countryside of the Algarve (south of Portugal) after a great afternoon of jamming with Jean Paul Rena, a veteran bluesman from the Netherlands. Old Soul, another track on the record,was written in the studio with producer, friend and fellow musician Budda Guedes, who helped with arrangement, wrote some of the lyrics and sang on the final version of the song. Another guest on the album is Helder Faísca, a great singer and a longtime friend, who features as a co-lyricist and backing vocalist on the heavy closer Walk Through Fire,a song about thriving in the face of adversity in life.

Cosmic Attraction really translates all the gigs played all over Portugal, for all sorts of audiences,and the new experiences in Vitor’s life. Budda Guedes produced the album, and really encouraged Vítor and the band to step out of their comfort zone on this one, while keeping the essence of what Vítor’s music is about - hard hitting Rock and Blues songs, played by a Power Trio. In Vítor’s own words - “I really feel that Cosmic Attractionis a big step up on my songwriting, singing and the three of us playing as a band. My intention was for this album to be as honest as possible and bluesier, rockier, meaner and sweeter than the last one - I think we’ve achieved it!”

Budda Guedes, the producer, says - “This is a muchmore mature record, and I really wanted that to reflect on the songs, tones and lyrics. We did everything we could to get out of the obvious and push each song to it’s maximum potential. It’s an incredible record, which I’m very proud to be part of!”


Support Act : Thunder Road (LU)