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The Chris Slade Timeline was formed in 2012 to celebrate Slade’s more than 50 years as a professional drummer, since he started with Tom Jones at the age of 16.

The band takes music from his career which includes some of the greatest rock anthems in music history. The ‘Timeline’ set comprises half AC/DC and half other material that Slade was involved with i.e. Uriah Heep, Manfred Mann’s Earthband, David Gilmour,The Firm (Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers), GaryMoore amongst others.

There are a few anecdotes between the songs from Slade himself and of course the obligatory drum solo! 

The show is always well received and everyone who has seen it is impressed with the band because their musicianship is superb!

Slade quote ‘they are as good as any musicians I have EVER worked with.’

Short Bio:

Tom Jones 1963-1970

Manfred Manns Earthband 1971-1979

Uriah Heep 1980 and 1981

Gary Numan 1982

David Gilmour 1984

The Firm 1985 and 1986

Gary Moore 1989

AC/DC 1989-1994

Asia 1998-2005

Independent musician 2005-2014

AC/DC Since 2015 …

Chris Slade is the current drummer AC/DC