38, avenue Charlotte
L-4530 Differdange
Tél.: +352 58 77 1 - 1900

Horaire de l'accueil:
lu-ve 10h00-18h00
sa 14h00-18h00

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lu 14h00-19h00
ma-sa 10h00-18h00


50th anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Miami University’s John E.Dolibois European Center in Differdange, Luxembourg, we are showcasing the rich artistic endeavors of the program’s student alumni, faculty and staff from the United States and from Luxembourg. Spanning a wide range of mediums, the exhibit will serve as a tribute and testimony to time spent in Luxembourg, reflecting on how the experience of studying or teaching abroad influences the artist. The exhibit will officially open Sunday October 7th, 2018 and will be open to the public at the Aalt Stadhaus, Differdange during their regular opening hours until Friday October 12th included.